just thinking.

Sat Feb 26

super jealous that @dysart got to visit the @morecupcakes truck and I didn’t!!!!!

Sun Jan 30

The weather’s as nice as it gets for January in Chicago. Enjoy your long runs, #runnerds!

Wed Jan 5

when your football team’s coach is a trending topic, you generally know that’s bad news. Adios, Rich Rod.

Wed Dec 29

In most instances, they do. (understand)

Thu Dec 16

Ready to board a plane to Paris via Copenhagen. Let the adventure begin. See you in the new year, peeps!!!

Thu Dec 2

remember less than two months ago when we were complaining about how it was too hot for running on 10.10.10? ahh. good times.

TV crews on campus. Couldn’t figure out why. Then remembered Butler’s men’s BB team is actually really GOOD.

Wed Nov 24

stuffing ingredients prepped. pies ready to be baked. taters ready to be peeled. gonna be come good smells around this apartment tomorrow.

Sun Nov 7

I cannot express how dorky harry potter fans are. Seriously beyond words.

Sat Nov 6

conference presentation is done and went well. Think I’ll celebrate with a run.